Images, Images, Images

Images, Images, Images

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Images, Images, Images – Recent WordPress versions have updated how images are handled in the Media Library and displayed on your website. We’ll be looking at these changes and how they affect your current and future sites. This talk will cover image optimization, photo editing tools (apps and online), where to get images, online resources, Next-Gen image formats, Adaptive Images, and various image plugins.


Image Code Snippets

Download Code Snippets plugin  >

Pick and Choose what SNippets you want to activate
  • Add additional image sizes and register them
  • Change WordPress JPEG image compression
  • Remove 2560 Big Image Size
  • Change Big Image Size
  • Remove WP additional image sizes
  • Change Maximum SRCSET Image Size
DOWNLOAD THE JSON Snippets OR PHP ZIP files below

PLEASE NOTE: These Code Snippets work on my setup, they may not work properly on yours. Please make sure you have access to your SSH, SFTP, or C-Panel’s Files Manager, so you can disable the Code Snippets plugin if needed.

JSON Files
PHP Files


Image Resources

Smashing Magazine: Image optimization in WordPress
Web Designer Depot: The Myth of DPI
I Love WP: WordPress Image Sizes: a Ticking Time BOMB?
Kinsta: How to Optimize Images for Web and Performance
Digital Photography School: Aspect Ratios in Landscape Photography
PHotoShop Essentials: The 72 PPI Web Resolution Myth
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